Voltimum Live – 7th -11th June 2021

Voltimum Live – 7th -11th June 2021

The LINIAN Interactive Trade Stand

We’re back at Voltimum Live all this week!

We hope many of you will be joining us again for Voltimum Live7th11th June 2021. This is our second Voltimum Live event. Read more about the last one here. If this will be your first time, here’s what you can look forward to over the course of the week:

Live training with expert Q&A
Expert talks
Product demos
Technical seminars
Product sample giveaways
Industry-leading brands
The best products and solutions
Live chat with technical teams
Downloadable catalogues
On-demand training

This event is free to attend and has something for everybody! So, make sure and sign up now for your free place!

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LINIAN Live Webinar – TODAY!

Live at 3pm today (Tuesday 8th June).

The Rising Importance of Aesthetics in Cable Installations
Tuesday 8th June 2021

When we founded LINIAN and invented the original LINIAN FireClip, we set out to solve a problem, and we successfully created a FASTER, SAFER, and SIMPLER cable installation method. Our clip range, which has now grown to include over 110 products, has been adopted by installers and contractors both large and small, in the UK and internationally. LINIAN clips are widely praised for the ability to save time, money and even lives, but they also look amazing too.

Installing cables that are functional, compliant and have architectural appeal is of ever-increasing importance to the industry. Join Ian Arbuckle, LINIAN Managing Director, as he discusses why, and what solutions can be employed to improve the overall aesthetic of electrical installations in people’s homes and workplaces.

Join us this afternoon!


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