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LINIAN create innovative, British manufactured, easy-to-install products that can save time, money and lives.

LINIAN’s range of fire-safe, 18th edition compliant cable clips now includes: The original LINIAN FireClip™. The SuperClip™ for conduit, armoured and grouped cables (VERY popular with EV installers). The T&E Clip™ for flat, twin and cpc cabling, and the Coaxial Clip™ for CCTV, Data and coaxial ‘Shotgun’ cables.

LINIAN recently launched the NEW NanoClip™, the company’s first ‘innovation-to-order’ range developed through LINIAN Labs. The NanoClip™ is a fire-safe, 18th Edition compliant cable clip designed to fit 2mm and 3mm Fibre Optic cables, hearing loop cables and other small diameter cables.

LINIAN also invented the Earth Rod Pro™, an innovative solution for rapid Earth Rod installation. It helps the installer bore through debris and underground rock to achieve a secure earth rod connection in under 2 minutes!

LINIAN produce innovative, time-saving solutions for the electrical and fire safety industry, and the range is expanding to include solutions for the plumbing and DIY installer. The family-run company has over 125 products including 117 cable fixings to suit 1000’s of different cable types, with no need for screws, plugs, cleats or nail-in clips.

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LINIAN’s entire product catalogue of 120+ Products is on the Voltimum Plus database.

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Phone: 0141 465 4858
LINIAN Supply Co Ltd 34-38 Payne Street Port Dundas Trading Estate
Glasgow G4 0LF Scotland United Kingdom