LINIAN’s Top 5 Tips To Protect Against Fire

LINIAN’s Top 5 Tips To Protect Against Fire


LINIAN’s Top 5 Tips to Protect Against Fire

Here at LINIAN it’s our job and that of our LINIAN clip products to ensure electrical wiring is safe in the event of a fire, but prevention is always the best method. So, here are our top 5 tips on how to ensure your electrical installations, home, and your loved ones are protected. 

1) Have a regular EICR (Electrical Inspection Condition Report) on your installation carried out by a reputable, qualified, and competent engineer and act on the finding immediately no matter how they are coded or prioritised.  

2) Detection, Detection, Detection. Yes, hard-wired fire alarms are now a requirement in all homes in Scotland as of 2021. It’s a good idea to think about this even if you’re a resident elsewhere in the UK.   

3) Don’t be a cowboy! Are you adding a socket? Changing a switch? If you’re not an electrician, then don’t do it! Electricians undergo years of training that includes varied and subtle techniques in installation and termination that actively prevent electrical fires. Don’t be a cowboy, call a spark and make sure you obtain the right paperwork (see point 1).  

4) Be wary of second hand, refurbished or cheap quality appliances and white goods. Always make sure these carry the relevant certification, warranties and guarantees. Also, keep a close eye for product recalls (eg. items such as tumble dryers can be recalled, due to fire safety issues).  

5) Have a plan. Preventing a fire isn’t always possible, so if it does happen, you need a plan, just like you would have in your office or your hotel room. Plan for escape and safe congregation away from the fire, and keep your family safe. Involve your family/cohabitants in planning and ensure everyone’s aware. If you’re in a semi-detached house, flat, terraced or otherwise joined on the property, get the neighbours involved! 

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