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Global distribution responding to a universal need

Regular upgrading of compliance regulations has intensified a universal need for ever more efficient, ever higher quality fire clips. The situation has driven significant interest in LINIAN fire clips in many countries around the world. In meeting the demand, and in establishing new markets, we have secured a network of preferred LINIAN distributors in key locations. We also have a network of dedicated LINIAN wholesale stockists in the UK and Ireland.

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Enter a postcode or location in the box below. Or you can call us on 0141 465 4858 or email us at [email protected].

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      If you have used this map before, your may notice that there appear to be fewer listings. Don’t worry, the LINIAN stockist community continues to grow with new wholesalers added monthly. However, we have decided to be more selective with who gets added to the map. We’ve made this change to help you the installer, to get access to our products when you need them.

      In our newly updated map (from April 2021), we will only be listing wholesalers that stock a profile of our most popular LINIAN products. This means that you, the installer, can be assured that when you see a wholesale stockist on our map, you will be able to pop into the branch and find a great selection of LINIAN products (from ALL Ranges) on the shelves.

      If you are a wholesaler and would like to stock LINIAN products and have a listing on our map, please give our team a ring today.

      If you are a LINIAN stockist and should be on this map, but your branch has been incorrectly swept up in the big ‘stockist map purge of 2021’ get in touch with us and we’ll get your branch listed again asap.

      Tel: 0141 465 4858

      Phone: 0141 465 4858
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