Specification Information

History of LINIAN

LINIAN Clips were born out of a contractor inquiry. The customer was looking for a way to install Fire Alarm cabling more efficiently but remain at the forefront of compliance. Wesley Arbuckle created the LINIAN Fire Clip to remove the need for any plastic parts or screws during installation. This was in 2003 and in relation to BS5839:2001 Fire Detection and Alarm Systems for Buildings and the requirements for fixings of the same fire integrity as the fire-resistant cable itself.
In 2003, with the release of BS7671 Amendment 3 and the requirement that cabling in escape routes shall be fixed such that it “is not liable to premature collapse in the event of fire”, we decided to take the product out to the wider cable markets, realising that we had an answer to a very common yet poorly addressed question: “if I use a rawl plug in an escape route am I still compliant”. Our response to this is “WHY TAKE THE CHANCE??”

Standards and Codes of Practice


BS7671 17th Edition Amendment 3

521.11.201 Wiring systems in escape routes shall be supported such that they will not be liable to premature collapse in the event of a fire. The requirements of Regulation 422.2.1 shall also apply, irrespective of the classification of the conditions for evacuation in an emergency.

NOTE 1: Non-metallic cable trunking or other non-metallic means of support can fail when subject to either direct flame or hot products of combustion. This may lead to wiring systems hanging across access or egress routes such that they hinder evacuation and firefighting activities.

NOTE 2: This precludes the use of non-metallic cable clips, cable ties or trunking as the sole means of support. For example, where non-metallic trunking is used, a suitable fire-resistant means of support/retention must be provided to prevent cables falling out in the event of a fire.

BS7671 2018 18th Edition IET Wiring Regulations

BS8519:2010 Selection and installation of fire-resistant power and control cable systems for life safety and fire-fighting applications. Code of practice

Manufacturing Standards

Steel to BS EN 10140

Heat Treatment to BS EN 10132-4 : 2000

ISO9001 Accredited Manufacturing Facility


Tested to BSEN 50200:2006 PH120 Classification by Exova Warrington Fire *Report and Certificate to download on request form here

BS50200 is the standard which determines Method of test for resistance to fire of unprotected small cables for use in emergency circuits.

Tested to DIN 4102-12 E90 Classification by MPA Dresden Gmbh *Report and Certificate to download on request form here

DIN 4102-12 is the German standard to measure the performance of cabling under fire conditions when fixed to walls, floors, and ceilings.

Meet fire performance requirements for LUL Engineering Standards – 01001-002 (London Underground) – BRE/4Rail Services

Independently Pull Out Tested to BS 5080-1:1993: Structural fixings in concrete and masonry. *Method of test for tensile loading (Results available on request form here)

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