New LINIAN Clips for Temporary Lighting and Power Installations

September 2020

It’s a well-purported myth that temporary installations do not have to adhere to certain or indeed any elements of The Electrical Wiring Regulations. Most installers are aware, however, that temporary installations must be in accordance with BS7671 (and/or other standards such as BS7909 Temporary Electrical Installations in the Entertainment Industry).

Here is a great article from NAPIT in Professional Electrician and Installer Magazine on that very subject – https://professional-electrician.com/technical/napit-talks-temporary-electrical-installations/

Temporary LV Lighting and Power for construction sites is often overlooked in terms of the prevention of premature collapse even though, arguably, it is more important than ever in a construction site environment.

Aside from this, installers of temp lighting and power for this application are looking for a robust, compliant, safe, simple, time-efficient and easily demountable method for attaching cables to substrates… That’s why LINIAN have added Blue and Yellow colours to their Fire Clip range suitable for Arctic Grade Flexible Cables.

LINIAN clips provide a secure fixing that can also be easily removed in seconds with a set of standard carpenter’s pincers. This allows the installers of TL and TP systems the peace of mind of a secure and compliant temporary installation, installed rapidly and easily removed when no longer required!

Available to order online and at wholesalers now.

Ian Arbuckle

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