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South Coast EV

South Coast EV & Contracting Ltd is a Bournemouth-based electrical contracting company founded by Alex Gibbs & Peter Walker in Dec 21. After working together for over 10 years on several companies, gaining experience across all sectors including Domestic, Commercial, Industrial & EV Charging, they finally decided to launch their own business and begin an exciting new adventure – South Coast EV. When it comes to electrical works they know what they are doing, however when it comes to running a business Alex and Peter admit, it was new for both of them! The guys reached out to Team LINIAN to say how much they enjoyed using our products. We sent the guys some free LINIAN clips to use on their next few installs.

Here’s a short video they created ‘All about LINIAN clips’

Check out the South Coast EV YouTube page for more videos.

Emtelle Stock LINIAN

At LINIAN, we work with great partners throughout several industry sectors, including the Electrotechnical, Fire and Security, and most recently, the Fibre and Duct industry. Our partners help us ensure LINIAN’s innovative products are accessible for as many installers as possible when they need them.

To build on our existing distribution network and further support LINIAN installers, we have added Emtelle as our latest distribution partner. Emtelle specialises in the manufacture and development of products for Fibre to the X (FTTx) network deployments worldwide.

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Satisfying Cable Clipping

EV installation by Artisan Electrics using LINIAN SuperClips™ for a neat and tidy cable installation.


Quick & tidy EV installation with LINIAN SuperClips

If you aren’t using LINIAN SuperClips on EV installs, you’re doing it wrong! That’s the message from LINIAN’s Ian Arbuckle in this EV installation video.

Yes… That’s how confident Ian is in LINIAN products!

Here’s a short demo using LINIAN SuperClips to install an Intelligent Charging Systems EV charger.

Why you SHOULD be using SuperClips:

✔️Fast to install

✔️No plugs, screws, washers, plastic or cleats needed

✔️18th Edition Compliant

✔️Looks brilliant Simply drill a hole (10mm for SuperClips), slide the clip over the cable, and tap it in.

Easy, tidy finish, perfect for EV installations!


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The NEW LINIAN NanoClip™ is here!

The NanoClip™ is a fire-safe, 18th Edition compliant cable clip designed to fit 2mm and 3mm Fibre Optic cables, hearing loop cables and other small diameter cables. The NanoClip™ is suitable for domestic, commercial, and industrial use and ideal for any installation where a faster, safer, simpler… and smaller solution is needed. For more information, visit: http://www.linianclip.co.uk/nanoclip/

LINIAN Earth Rod Pro

Demo video introducing the innovative NEW Earth Rod Pro. June 2020.

At LINIAN, we believe that just because things have always been done that way doesn’t mean they can’t be developed or improved. With our new EARTH ROD PRO, we intend to revolutionise the earth rod installation process – to make it faster, safer, simpler. Following the success of LINIAN clips, together, our team of engineers and electricians identified earth rod installation as another key area that receives very little research and development exposure. We set about to fix a problem that others have taken for granted. With the rise of new challenges like 5G, EV charging industry, Big Data installers are completing, even more, earth rod installations than ever before. However, this can be a laborious task, often involving a large hammer, a lot of effort, and hopefully a bit of luck. It doesn’t have to be this way. We designed and developed a simple and effective solution that bores through hard top layers and underground rock to achieve a secure Earth Rod connection the first time. This innovative, patented new solution offers installers confidence that they will be able to easily install the rod the first time, and to the desired depth. No more trial and error!

LINIAN Time Trial

See how LINIAN products save you time compared to traditional installation methods.

LINIAN Product Applications

Meet the makers – LINIAN Fireclips – Lynne Jhangeer and Ian Arbuckle

Brother and sister team Ian Arbuckle and Lynne Jhangeer are the driving force behind the LINIAN Supply Company. The Glasgow based manufacturer of cable fixings is a leading supplier of fire-resistant cable clips to help prevent the premature collapse of wiring systems during a fire. LINIAN’s first product was the LINIAN FireClip which was born from a need to speed up the installation of fire alarm cables, such as FP200. The 18th edition wiring regulations BS7671 expanded the need for fire-resistant cable clips. LINIAN have responded with a range of fixings for most cable types found in electrical installations. Superclip for SWA armoured cable. T&E Clip for twin and earth cables. Gordon Routledge, Publisher of efixx, finds out what makes the company tick.

Video 7 – SuperClip

Video 6 – Multiple Applications

Video 5 – Faster, Safer, Simpler

Video 4 – Cost & Time Savings

Video 3 – Design & Manufacture

Video 2 – Fire Safety

Video 1 – What is a LINIAN clip?

About the LINIAN Fire Clip

What is the tensile load of the LINIAN Fire Clip?

Removing a LINIAN Fire Clip

eFixx put Super Clips to the test

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