For flat twin & CPC cabling

LINIAN T&E Clip™ is designed specifically for flat twin, cpc cabling and PVC trunking. T&E Clips™ provide a robust fixing designed to support an impressive tensile load of 24kg. T&E Clips™ are corrosion-resistant and UV stable, suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

T&E Clips™ are a neat, easy and versatile fixing, eradicating the need for screws, plugs and plastic, nail in or shot fired clips . Simply drill a 6mm hole, slide the clip over the cable(s) and push/tap it in. It’s that easy!

T&E Clips™ will support an impressive tensile load of 24kg and work in an extensive range of substrates, including brick, concrete, timber, masonry and even plasterboard.

LINIAN T&E Clips™ are fire-rated, tested in temperatures up to 1200° and will not melt like traditional methods. The patented design includes a flat head to perfectly fit and securely hold the cable for a safe and aesthetically pleasing finish.

T&E Clips are designed to provide a lasting fix, however, if a design change is required, the clips can be simply removed with a set of pincers.

LINIAN T&E Clips™ are ideal for:

  • Twin, cpc cabling and PVC trunking
  • Anchor fixings for wire etc
  • Use within Trunking

Product Specifications:

  • Available Colours: White/Grey
  • Recommended spacing: 300mm
  • Hole Diameter* 6mm
  • Hole depth: 30mm
  • Supports a max tensile load of 24kg
  • Corrosion Resistant – UV Stable
  • 18th Edition Compliant
  • Fire-resistant >1200°C
  • Salt-spray tested >1000 hours
  • 90 & 120 minute fire resistant, meeting BSi and DIN classifications
  • Tested to London Underground standard for smoke emissions
  • Neat & Tidy aesthetic – designed to blend in with the cable
  • Made in Britain

Available to suit cable diameters:

  • 7mm x 4mm (1mm T&E Clip)
  • 9mm x 5mm (1.5mm T&E Clip)
  • 10mm x 5mm (2.5mm T&E Clip)
  • 13mm x 6mm (4mm T&E Clip)
  • 14mm x 7mm (6mm T&E Clip)
  • 18mm x 9mm (10mm T&E Clip)

*Varies for best fixing according to the substrate.

See LINIAN T&E Spec Sheet 2020 for further details.

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