LINIAN Risk Assessment CPD training – Available online now

LINIAN Risk Assessment CPD training – Available online now
LINIAN Risk Assessment CPD training session with Voltimum – Available Online Now.

Last week, our Managing Director, Ian Arbuckle, presented a free CPD session ‘Risk Assessment of cable installation to protect against premature collapse’ as part of the Voltimum Forward event. Voltimum Forward is the biggest training programme available to the electrical and electrotechnical sector. The event ran from 7th-11th Dec 2020.

We know everyone has great intentions, but it’s a busy time of year and plans can change. I think we’re all well used to this in 2020! So, don’t worry if you missed it. You can now watch our FREE CPD session online with Voltimum on demand.

Just head over to the Voltimum academy now (click the link below) to watch it, and all the other great presentations. Watch them at a time that suits you.


During the event, we had lively debates in the chat, and Ian received lots of great questions. It’s always inspiring to hear from other electricians, engineers and industry professionals who are as passionate about fire safety as we are!

Check out the webinar now, and you need further info, or if you have any technical enquiries, feel free to get in touch with Ian, and our technical team.

We hope you enjoy the on-demand webinar, and hopefully, we will see you at our next Voltimum live session in February 2021.


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