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Strathclyde University’s Learning and Teaching Building | In partnership with Balfour Beatty

February 2020
  • Project location: Glasgow, Scotland
  • Clips used: Over 10,000

We’re delighted to announce our partnership with Balfour Beatty in their recent development of Strathclyde University’s Learning and Teaching Building. To coincide with their 25% by 2025 strategy, we supported the UK’s largest construction contractor in their strategy to streamline onsite activity, enabling them to focus on improving their efficiency, waste reduction and labour costs.

As a business, LINIAN are aligned with Balfour Beatty’s and the Government’s strategy for lower cost, lower emissions and faster delivery by 2025. Since our company started in 2006, we have been passionate in providing users with faster, safer and simpler installation solutions. Working with the construction company has been a key factor in cementing our ability to provide innovative solutions from large to small scale projects… and this one was a biggie.

“The clips are a great product to use due to the speed of install, they leave a good finish (especially with us having an exposed finish), and you do not require as many components or storage as you would with screws, rawlplugs and clips. Very positive feedback from SPIE, who are installing the fire alarms, and also the BBK team who are installing the Emergency Lighting. We have had positive comments from the University Clerk of Works, so all in all, it will definitely be getting used on future projects”.

Project Engineer, Balfour Beatty Kilpatrick

In the development of the Strathclyde University Learning and Teaching Building, Balfour Beatty used over 10,000 LINIAN clips. Utilising them for the speed of install, they were able to adhere to their faster delivery times, installing cabling up to 72% faster than their traditional installation methods. Our clips helped them to improve their efficiency on site without the need for additional tools and equipment and lengthy training courses, which really confirms our message of being faster, safer and simpler.

Our clips also helped secure vital cabling neatly which created an aesthetically pleasing finish on the building’s industrial and exposed look, all while staying compliant to fire and safety regulations.

Working with Balfour Beatty has been a fantastic opportunity for us, and we are looking forward to what the future holds. 


Glasgow University

Building work on the major £10 million redevelopment of The Hub at the University of Glasgow comprises four distinct levels: a GP practice and bookstore on level one admissions; registry and careers offices on level two leading to an outdoor piazza; the third level will house a modern cafe and the fourth level will be given over to informal work and meeting zones for Hub staff.

A modern fire alarm system was installed and Linian was the preferred method of fixing for the MICC cable, proving itself to both the main client and the contractor by saving time and money without compromising safety or quality.

The Linian Clip is now approved for all installations within Strathclyde and Glasgow University.The contractor now uses Linian on all installations being converted from the traditional mineral clip, plastic plug and woodscrew method enhancing their reputation in the alarm industry.


Her Majesty’s Prison (HMP) Grampian

The £140m state-run facility replaced the former HMPs Aberdeen and Peterhead. The new HMP and Young Offenders Institute, HMP Grampian, is on the site of the former Peterhead prison which was originally built in 1888. It is the first prison in Scotland to jointly house youths, men and women of all categories.

The new facility will include the full range of prison buildings including kitchen, laundry, links and education, prisoner regimes, recreation facilities, visitor, staff and administration spaces. The Main Contractor for the project is Skanska, and the Company has developed the structural and civil design as well as undertaking the installation of mechanical and electrical services.

The fire alarm installation was subcontracted and a 2000 alarm point system had to be installed requiring security, speed and efficiency. The Linian Clip was an integral part of this installation and proved to save time and money whilst achieving and exceeding all requirements.

Mitchell Library Refurbishment, Glasgow

The Mitchell Library is one of Europe’s largest public libraries with over one million items available for public viewing. With its distinctive green dome, the building has been one of the city’s iconic landmarks since it opened in 1911 and is also home to the Mitchell Theatre and Exhibition Hall.

The building is undergoing a 3 million pound refurbishment involving the installation of a new fire alarm system and new lighting. The refurbishment of the Mitchell Library includes a new Family History Centre as well as upgrades to study space and public lifts. The Linian Clip was used as a means of installation of fire alarms for speed, efficiency and aesthetics.

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow

The New Queen Elizabeth University Hospital’s £800m project is a mix of new hospital facilities on the site of the previous Southern General Hospital. The largest hospital in Scotland, it is one of four major trauma centres where specialist services are based as part of a new national major trauma network in Scotland. There is a new acute care hospital with 1,109 beds in single-room accommodation, a 256-bed children’s hospital, 30 modern operating theatres and a separate laboratory block providing biochemistry, haematology and blood transfusion services. The hospital was completed, on time and under budget and is fully operational.

We are proud to have the Linian Clip as part of such a prestigious construction in Scotland and its use has set the benchmark for MICC cable installation for the future.


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