British Manufacturers – New Year Resolutions 2022

British Manufacturers – New Year Resolutions 2022

British Manufacturers - New Year Resolutions 2022 by Made in Britain.
Mib 2022 Resolutions

What can British Manufacturers put on their 2022 New Year Resolutions List?

The Made in Britain team have come up with 5 resolutions to help manufacturers move forward into 2022.

These are:

No. 1. Buy more British-made products
No. 2. Build shorter & more resilient supply chains
No.3. Reshore manufacturing back to Britain
No.4. Make British-made products more identifiable
No.5. Use the learning from 2021 to build a stronger 2022

At LINIAN, we are proud to manufacture all our products in the UK as we’re supporting the local economy and providing skilled employment opportunities. Our commitment to UK manufacturing and a short supply chain helped us to provide continuity of supply through turbulent times for the global shipping industry with Brexit and events like the Suez canal blockage. During these events, LINIAN installers could still access our products when they needed them with the usual next day delivery service. #madeinbritain is better for our community and our business!

In 2022, we’ll continue to manufacture here and buy British-made products. We’re also in the process of switching to sustainable packaging! We can’t wait to show you the new designs when they are ready.

What else would you like us to add to our resolutions for 2022?

We’d love to hear your feedback. Just give us a ring on 0141 465 4858 and let us know.


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