LINIAN lead the way in product innovation with the new 9-11mm Double Fire Clip for Enhanced Soft Skin Cabling

LINIAN lead the way in product innovation with the new 9-11mm Double Fire Clip for Enhanced Soft Skin Cabling

Team LINIAN takes enormous pride in inventing and manufacturing Fire Clips of the highest quality which are fit for purpose and offer a faster, safer and simpler way of installing cabling. In order to do this, the development team at LINIAN are continually reviewing honest feedback from end users to make sure they provide the best innovative products whilst retaining the highest standards.

LINIAN offer a range of products and for the past two years, due to the high volume of requests from several customers, they have been developing the latest addition to their range: the new 9-11mm double enhanced LINIAN Fire Clip.

Ian Arbuckle, Technical Director at LINIAN explains more about the product: ‘The new 9-11 double (For Enhanced Grade Soft Skin Cabling) was created to allow the same LINIAN features and benefits to be delivered to installers using Enhanced Grade Cable. The enhanced specification of the cable, which is used in applications requiring a higher fire integrity cable i.e. healthcare applications means that the cable has a larger overall diameter than its standard counterpart. Our product was developed with a larger saddle specifically to accommodate this.

Creating this new product has not been without its challenges. We took a series of designs to the prototyping stage and after some tweaks and refinement, agreed on the product as it is now. The final concept was then submitted to the rigorous testing process we carry out for all of our products. Alongside this, we had to work in partnership with our manufacturing team to create a bespoke manufacturing process that allows consistent LINIAN quality on the volumes that our customers expect.

We are thrilled to bring this new product to market and have already received lots of very encouraging feedback’.

More about the LINIAN Fire Clip

To date, they have sold 2 million LINIAN Fire Clips – which provide a time-saving alternative for installing fire resistant cables on brickwork, concrete, masonry, wood studs and wood beams compared to conventional methods.

 The LINIAN Fire Clip is:

  • Three times faster to install than traditional methods
  • Expertly designed to save time, money and lives
  • Compliant with the recommendations for Fire Rated Cable Fixings BS 7671 Amendment 3

 The LINIAN Fire Clip also meets the following standards:

  • Compliant with BS 5839
  • Independently fire rated tested to 120 minutes (British Standard) and 90 minutes (EU)
  • Burn tested with a melting point of >1000 degrees celsius
  • Pull out or tensile load equal to 244 newtons = one bag of cement

Want to find out more?

Maybe you’d like to sample the LINIAN Fire Clip for yourself? If you are interested in finding out more about this innovative product or becoming a distributor, please contact:

For technical queries, please contact Ian Arbuckle, Technical Director at LINIAN

[email protected]

For sales queries Lynne Jhangeer, Sales and Export Director at LINIAN

[email protected]

Have a look at our stockist map to find your nearest LINIAN Fire Clip supplier. Don’t see a stockist in your area? Maybe you are interested in stocking the product for us? We’d love to hear from you.

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