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We are delighted to provide a direct service to wholesalers. We can offer greater support to you, the wholesaler, whether at your breakfast meeting, with marketing materials, blogs, sales leads, contractor visits, first access to our new products being launched in 2020, or in any other way you need.

Perfected through years of development by our engineering team since 2002, our product innovation looks simple– and it is.  Our products provide a streamlined solution for your customers’ fire-safe cable management needs and we can also save you, our valued wholesalers, time and money managing inventory. Our range needs no stock of screws, washers, plugs, nails and more – it may look small, but it is mighty and the applications for each clip are wide and varied. The LINIAN range tick all the boxes, just what your customer needs for all their 18th edition requirements.

LINIAN clips are expertly designed to save time, money, and lives and are fully tested to be 72% faster to install than traditional methods. The original LINIAN single component Fire Clip was invented by LINIAN’s technical director Wes Arbuckle and the family-owned company now produces four ranges to assist with the installation of even more cable types.  The four ranges include the Fire Clip – for trunking, bunched cables, soft skin, flex and round cables, the Super Clip – for conduit, armoured, and grouped cables, the T&E Clip – for flat, twin and cpc cabling (twin and earth), and Coaxial Clips– for CCTC, AV and satellite TV installations. The impressive 24kg*, Fire Clip and T&E range, and 44kg* tensile loads for Super Clips demonstrate just how robust these fixings are.

Why stock LINIAN?

Our team at LINIAN want to ensure that you get the dedicated support that you need.  We are here to support wholesalers with anything that can help to make your life (and sales) easier.

Become a LINIAN stockist today! 

When you become a LINIAN stockist (by spending over £500 on our FAST MOVING STOCK PROFILE), we’ll provide you with:

Reasons to become a stockist 2021

Reasons to become a stockist 2021

  • Website Listing: As well as being featured on the LINIAN website, you will also be shown on our stockist map! Boosting your online presence to new customers.
  • Welcome Pack: With all fast-moving stock profile orders over £500. Choose our NEW FAST MOVING STOCK PROFILE and you’ll receive our welcome pack including a Point of Sale Display Board, Mini Sample Packs, LINIAN literature and merchandise, helping both your staff and customers to understand the benefits of using LINIAN products.
  • Digital Media Pack: We’ll provide you with a suite of video and social media content, branded price lists and trade counter display videos.
  • Full LINIAN Support: By becoming a stockist you will have full support from LINIAN sales and technical team including support from a network of LINIAN agents across the UK and Ireland. Additionally, you will have the option to host LINIAN breakfast meetings, events and demonstrations at your branch with monthly offers and gifts exclusive only to LINIAN Stockists.

By stocking LINIAN, you will be providing your customers with a quality product that can save time, money, and lives. We guarantee, as engineers and a family, that LINIAN and our products will not let you or your customers down when they are needed most.

Still unsure? We have a network of agents across the whole of the UK & Ireland. Contact us today, and we can arrange for an agent in your area to stop by and show you just how good our clips are!

How to set up an account

If you would like to set up a wholesale account with us. Contact us to request your application form. Once we receive your completed application form back, we can usually get your account set up and your first order processed on the same day.

For more information, contact us at [email protected], or on 0141 465 4858.

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