At LINIAN, we view the world a little differently. Where some are content to serve the industry as it is, we continually look for ways to drive it forward – to make it faster, safer, simpler.

Through products, like the World’s first single-component fire-rated fixing, we solve industry challenges, reduce inefficiencies and raise standards of safety and compliance across the board.

At LINIAN, it is our mission to create innovative, UK manufactured, easy to install products that can save time, money and lives.

Our range of fire-safe cable clips includes the original LINIAN FIRECLIPthe SUPERCLIP – our strongest single component fixing, T&E CLIP – the most versatile way to install T&E cables, and the COAXIAL CLIP – the fastest way to install coaxial ‘Shotgun’ cables. LINIAN clips are fast becoming the industry standard and the preferred method for a growing number of installers and specifiers. We now have over 100 cable fixing products, ensuring we have a solution to suit 1000’s of different cable types, with no need for screws, plugs, cleats or nail-in clips.

We also produce innovative solutions for rapid Earth Rod installation – ideal for EV charging units, and our range is expanding to include solutions for the plumbing and DIY installer.

Our research and development team are continually working on new ideas. With innovation and safety at the heart of LINIAN, you can rest assured, we’ll be conquering problems you haven’t even encountered yet.

Find out more about our Fire Clips, Super Clips, T&E and Coaxial Clips and Earth Rod Pro ranges now.

LINIAN products are available online and from wholesalers – find your local stockists with our stockists’ map or view all of our online stockists.

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