Female Founders

Female Founders


We are proud to announce that Lynne Jhangeer, LINIAN Sales & Export Director, will be a panellist at today’s Female Founders Session organised by FutureX.

Lynne will be joining esteemed business leaders Loral Quinn and Lara Finlay as they talk to the current Unlocking Ambition round 2 cohorts, about challenges faced as females in leadership positions and the ways they have learned to overcome them.

Read more about Lynne experience in Round 1 of the Unlocking Ambition programme.

Lynne will also be discussing the opportunities for female leaders in business, her role as Women in Construction Ambassador, and dynamics with male business partners – In this case, Lynne’s father Wes Arbuckle (LINIAN Co-founding Director), and brother Ian Arbuckle MIET (Managing Director).

The event is organised by FutureX in association with Unlocking Ambition, The Scottish Government programme, backed by the First Minister.



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