18th Edition Wiring Regulations Explained – One-page guide

BS: 7671: 2018 (Jan 2019) 18th Edition Wiring Regulations Explained

Need a refresher on the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) 18th Edition Wiring Regulations?

Changes effective from 1st January 2019 pushed the requirements for the fire-resistant cable fixings beyond escape routes to complete the installation.

The aim of the regulations is to reduce the risk of premature collapse of cables in the event of a fire and prevent the risk of firefighters becoming entangled leading to loss of life.

The changes to the regulations were introduced following a series of tragic events.

1 Harrow Court (2nd Feb 2005)

2. Atherstone-on-Stour (2nd Nov 2007)

3. Shirley Towers (6th April 2010).

The 18th Edition Regulations state that plastic fixings cannot be used as the sole method of supporting cables.

“Suitably spaced steel or copper clips, saddles or ties are examples that will meet the requirements of this regulation”. – IET.

Regulations apply to temporary installations too!

LINIAN’s range of fire-rated fixings offers full 18th Edition compliance and a fast, safe, and simple installation process, backed by an extensive suite of testing certifications.

Read more about the regulations, and how LINIAN products can help installers comply, in our handy 18th Edition Wiring Regulations Explained – One-page guide, below.

18th Edition Wiring Regulations Explained. One-page guide by LINIAN.
18th Edition Regulations Explained

Plus, scan the QR code or follow the link here to watch Ian Arbuckle MIET‘s webinar on the regulations. It’s available online through the Voltimum Academy now.

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